Other Services

Additional Services

Disabled Refuge Systems

During an emergency like a fire, where there is a need to evacuate a building, thought must be made for those that cannot simply walk down the stairs.  The use of lifts during an emergency is, at best, restricted but often prevented, which leaves the problem of evacuating those that are physically unable to walk unaided. 

A refuge area, usually located in a stairwell, should protect the occupant from fire for up to 30 minutes, allowing time for an emergency call for help to be made to the control panel. Each refuge area is fitted with an emergency call outstation or remote which allows hands-free, two-way communication with building control. 

The latest Building Regulations now call for all new non-domestic buildings with more than one storey providing disabled refuge areas. 

Emergency Voice Communication (EVC) systems must be fully monitored, and battery-backed to ensure that they will work, should an emergency event occur. As detailed in BS5839, the system must not fail even if a disruption occurs to the power supply or a break in the cable run is created during an emergency. 

Disabled Toilet alarms & call systems

Wherever there is a disabled toilet facility, there needs to be a toilet alarm in place. Again, we offer the best available equipment, as either a stand-alone system or integrated into the Disabled Refuge Call system.

Gas Suppression Systems

We offer testing and service for compliance with existing suppression systems, as well as supply, installation and commission of new equipment.

Room Integrity Tests

It is necessary for all gas suppression systems to have a room integrity test. This is to ensure that the room is correctly sealed to enable a suppression system to work effectively.

These tests should be carried out periodically and if there are any alterations to the room i.e.: drilling holes in the walls. Fire Response offer this test as part of our gas suppression care package. 

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

It is a requirement to have all portable appliances (anything wired via a Plug) tested regularly in any non-domestic building. Fire Response Offer PAT testing with our full-service compliance packages.

Fire Alarm Monitoring (24-hour Call Centre)

Our monitoring station (ARC) is on hand 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

If we have installed a monitored Fire alarm system, the monitoring station will contact pre-arranged phone numbers or the fire service in the event of a fire alarm activation, giving you more peace of mind than standard systems. 

Key Management Systems

Does your premises have key cabinets? Do you have a lockout tag-out system on-site? Do you have a need for expensive handheld devices in use throughout the building?

If the answer to any of these was yes, we can help streamline your business with an electronic logging system. Imagine knowing at any moment in time who has logged out a device, who has what keys and more importantly, only giving access to those keys and assets to people with clearance to have them. 

Facilities Maintenance & Compliance 

Fire Response offers clients complete packages to suit their compliance needs.

Our full-service package offers the best value and includes the following:

  • Annual Fire Risk Assessment
  • Annual Fire Extinguisher Service
  • Fire Alarm Service
  • Emergency Light testing
  • Annual Fire Door Service
  • Annual Portable Appliance Testing
  • Disabled Refuge System Test (where applicable)
  • Gas Suppression Test (where applicable)
  • Room integrity test (where applicable)